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What is Bubbles?

Bubbles is the result of "pivoting" during the Covid 19 pandemic.  The original studio, Exploring Textiles, was located on a beautiful farm with fabulous energy and views.  The pandemic forced me to close Exploring Textiles and find an alternate solution.

I developed a mobile model.  I figured if I could come to your home, or nearby, you would be able to have a little respite, and your children would be able to have some creative fun.

So I went in search of a trailer and purchased what I affectionately called the "hunting lodge".  It needed help!

I began remodeling the trailer November 2020.  I removed most everything from the trailer and began creating the classroom. After a couple of designs, I found the current setup.  I have two 6-foot work benches where students can sit "socially distanced" and can work on their projects.

Life is a work in progress, and so is Bubbles.  I want Bubbles to be a comfortable safe space for everyone.  Sometimes my ideas work, and sometimes I have to revise them with my students' suggestions.

The important thing is that Bubbles is operational and has been traveling the county since December 2020. All the sewing machines and irons run on solar batteries.  My goal is to make Bubbles a Green Solar Mobile Sewing and Arts School.

Why are we Special?

We come to you.  Monique will drive Bubbles and park in front of your house or near by.

This means you don't have to drive your child to yet another location.  You get a 90 minute reprive.

You know where your children are (in Bubbles parked in front of your house). You can check on them anytime.

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Some of our work

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The best place to create and have fun.

Bubbles is loaded!  We have Bernina sewing machines, sewing tools, cutting tools, fabrics, and art supplies.  All your child has to bring is curiosity and enthusiasm.  We provide the rest.

We don't force preselected projects. We encourage our students to participate in the selection process, everything from the project they want to work on to the color of the fabrics they want to use.

While having fun, your children get to practice skills they learn in a traditional classroom.  Sewing requires math and geometry skills. Pattern instructions require reading and comprehension. When exploring textile dyeing, they learn a little bit of chemistry.

We would love to hear from you.

970-402-1606 • msaenzmyers@gmail.com

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